Spending company money

As we continue to expand our own company policies, we use GitLab's open expense policy as a guide for company spending.

In brief, this means that as a Fleet team member, you may:

  • Spend company money like it is your own money.
  • Be responsible for what you need to purchase or expense in order to do your job effectively.
  • Feel free to make purchases in the interest of the company without asking for permission beforehand (when in doubt, do inform your manager prior to purchase, or as soon as possible after the purchase).

For more developed thoughts about spending guidelines and limits, please read GitLab's open expense policy.


  • At Fleet, meetings start whether you're there or not. Nevertheless, being even a few minutes late can make a big difference and slow your meeting counterparts down. When in doubt, show up a couple of minutes early.
  • It's okay to spend the first minute or two of a meeting to be present and make small talk, if you want. Being all-remote, it's easy to miss out on hallway chatter and human connections that happen in meatspace. Why not use this time together during the first minute to say "hi". Then you can jump right in to the topics being discussed?
  • Turning on your camera allows for more complete and intuitive verbal and non-verbal communication. When joining meetings with new participants who you might not be familiar with yet, feel free to leave your camera on or to turn it off. When you lead or cohost a meeting, turn your camera on.