About Fleet

Fleet Device Management Inc is an open core company that sells subscriptions that offer more features and support for Fleet. We are dedicated to making Fleet the best management platform for osquery, the leading open source endpoint agent.


2014: Origins of osquery

In 2014, our CTO Zach Wasserman, together with Mike Arpaia and the rest of their team at Facebook, created an open source project called osquery.

2016: Origins of Fleet v1.0

A few years later, Zach, Mike Arpaia, and Jason Meller founded Kolide and created Fleet: an open source platform that made it easier and more productive to use osquery in an enterprise setting.

2019: The growing community

When Kolide's attention shifted away from Fleet and towards their separate, user-focused SaaS offering, the Fleet community took over maintenance of the open source project. After his time at Kolide, Zach continued as lead maintainer of Fleet. He spent 2019 consulting and working with the growing open source community to support and extend the capabilities of the Fleet platform.

2020: Fleet was incorporated

Zach partnered with our CEO, Mike McNeil, to found a new, independent company: Fleet Device Management Inc. In November 2020, we announced the transition and kicked off the logistics of moving the GitHub repository.


Quickly with craft

Iterate by taking baby steps.

We try to always make the minimum viable change. Small changes provide faster feedback, and help us to stay focused on quality.

Help each other get all the way done.

We collaborate and help our teammates to see tasks through to completion.

Focus on fewer tasks at one time.

By focusing on fewer tasks at once, we are able to get more done, and to a higher standard, while feeling more positive about our work in the process.

Role play as a user.

When making changes, we put ourselves in the mindset of the end user. We keep in mind how someone might use the product for the first time, or how an existing user might react to a new change.

Reread anything you write for users.

We check everything that a user might read for clarity, spelling errors, and to make sure that it provides value.

Review and merge PRs daily.

We value constant iteration and feedback. Reviewing and merging PRs daily keeps our open source community thriving.

Patch with care

Patches improve security, usability, and performance. We may cut a patch release if there is a security concern, previously stable features are unusable, or if a new feature advertised in the current release is unusable.


All remote

Fleet Device Management Inc. is an all-remote company, with team members spread across 3 continents and 5 time zones. The wider team of contributors from all over the world submit patches, bug reports, troubleshooting tips, improvements, and real-world insights to Fleet's open source code base, documentation, website, and company handbook.


The majority of the code, documentation, and content we create at Fleet is public and source-available, and we strive to be broadly open and transparent in the way we run the business; as much as confidentiality agreements (and time) allow. We perform better with an audience, and our audience performs better with us.