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Future of device management episode 1


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Zach Wasserman

Future of device management

Ep 1: Mike Arpaia: the story behind the creation of osquery

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In today’s episode of the Future of Device Management podcast, we speak with Mike Arpaia — co-creator and visionary of osquery and partner at Moonfire Ventures — a London-based VC firm focused on seed-stage investing in Europe.

Topics discussed:

  • Mike’s journey from a software engineer focused on security problems to a venture capitalist investing in leading startups.
  • How a macOS compromise while working at Etsy led Mike to realize how little visibility organizations have into their Mac fleets.
  • What motivated Mike and his co-creators to build an open-source project — and how they got management buy-in at Facebook.
  • The tipping point where osquery began to gain traction with engineers at leading organizations.
  • How it feels to see osquery continue to grow and evolve.
  • Mike’s #1 piece of advice for those embarking on a journey of trying to understand what’s going on in the systems they manage.

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