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For teams with thousands of computers

Untangle your endpoints

Replace the sprawl you inherited with open-source code that works the way you want.

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We can build it exactly the way we want it. Which is just not possible on other platforms.

Austin Anderson

Cybersecurity team senior manager

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Context is king for device data, and Fleet provides a way to surface that information to our other teams and partners.

Nick Fohs

Systems and infrastructure manager

Endpoint ops
Device management
Vulnerability management

Focus on data, not vendors

Use a consistent interface to deploy, update, and manage thousands of workstations and servers with open standards and data.

More about endpoint ops
Endpoint ops

Manage devices like code

Automate the management of your fleet of devices with increased visibility and control, improved stability, all while automating configuration deployments using GitOps.

More about device management
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Build the vulnerability program you actually want

Show how quickly CVEs are resolved and which teams need extra help. Manage and report on vulnerabilities in operating systems, software packages, browser plugins, anywhere.

More about vulnerability
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An open API for every endpoint


(all distros)









Google Cloud



(Microsoft Cloud)


Data centers




IoT devices

As much or as little as you need

Fleet is lightweight and modular. Use it for security without MDM, and vice versa. You can turn off features you are not using.

Good neighbors
Good neighbors

Ready-to-use, enterprise-friendly integrations exist for Snowflake, Splunk, GitHub Actions, Vanta, Elastic, Jira, Zendesk, and more.

Plays well with others
Plays well with others

Fleet plays nicely with Munki, Chef, Puppet, and Ansible, as well as with security tools like Crowdstrike and SentinelOne.

One agent to rule them all
One agent to rule them all...

...but it’s ok if you have others. Fleet coexists peacefully with Rapid7 and other agent-based vulnerability scanners.

ClickOps or DevOps

Manage your IT infrastructure in any browser or use git to make infrastructure changes as code. You can use the CLI or API to automate the deployment, configuration, and monitoring of your devices.

Explore the docs
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Open by design

Fleet is dedicated to flexibility, accessibility, and clarity. We think everyone can contribute and that tools should be as easy as possible for everyone to understand.

Scope transparency

Let end users see the source code for exactly how they are being monitored, and set clear expectations about what is and isn’t acceptable use of work computers.

Free as in free
Free as in free

The free version of Fleet will always be free. Fleet is independently backed and actively maintained with the help of many amazing contributors.

An open book
We value openness

Fleet's company handbook is public and open source. You can read about the history of Fleet and osquery and our commitment to improving the product.


Please join us in MacAdmins Slack or in osquery Slack.

The Fleet community is full of kind and helpful people. Whether or not you are a paying customer, if you need help, just ask.


Contributions are welcome, whether you answer questions on Slack / GitHub / StackOverflow / LinkedIn / Twitter, improve the documentation or website, write a tutorial, give a talk at a conference or local meetup, give an interview on a podcast, troubleshoot reported issues, or submit a patch.

Ready to get started?

Explore data
Explore data

Check out the table reference documentation to see what kind of data you can use Fleet to gather.

Easy to deploy
Production deployment

Fleet is easy to spin up for yourself. Or you can have us host it for you. Premium features are available either way.


Explore guides and examples over in the docs, along with complete API reference.

Open-source endpoint ops

Lighter than air

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