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Ask questions about your servers, containers, and laptops running Linux, Windows, and macOS. Quickly deploy osquery and scale your fleet to 100,000+ devices on top of a stable core technology.

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Every device in your enterprise.

Keep track of servers and containers wherever they live: on your own hardware, in Amazon/Azure/Google clouds, or a little bit of each. Write scripts with fleetctl and design scheduled queries to integrate alerts and dashboards across your enterprise. Run on your own hardware or deploy in any cloud.

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Fleet ctl terminal and Fleet UI

Send device data to any log destination.

Fleet makes it easier to query and track your servers, containers, and laptops. It extends osquery to answer questions about multiple devices at the same time and provides log streams that enable automated threat detection.

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Splunk log destination
AWS Kinesis Firehose log destination
AWS Kinesis Firehose
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GCP PubSub
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AWS Lambda

Your hosted universe, all in one flexible app.

Organizations large and small use osquery with Fleet every day to stay secure and compliant. That’s good news, since it means there are lots of other developers and security practitioners talking about Fleet, dreaming up features, and contributing patches. Let’s stop reinventing the wheel and build the future of device management together.

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“I've been using Fleet to manage thousands of hosts running osquery: deploying, developing better queries, and getting the most out of osquery logs.”

Brendan Shaklovitz, Site Reliability Engineer

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