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We surveyed 200+ security practitioners to discover the state of device management in 2022.

Click here to learn about their struggles and best practices.

Lightweight, programmable server and workstation telemetry.

The most accurate, actionable data from your servers and workstations, without the performance hit.
Fleet ctl terminal and Fleet UI

Get real-time answers about all your servers and workstations in a single pane of glass.

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Accurate, comprehensive, up‑to‑date data.

Make better data-driven decisions with a single source of truth for all operating systems.

Fleet UI

No downtime risks or performance hits.

Fleet's agent is lightweight, inspectable, and manageable through the CI/CD pipeline.

Fleet UI

Complete control over the queries you run.

Create complex, custom queries for your organization. Or copy and paste tested queries from our growing library.

Fleet UI

Increase your install rates.

Fleet's open-source agent protects device performance and provides transparency about the data it collects.

Fleet UI

Collect and push predictable data

Automate scheduled queries to integrate alerts and dashboards across your enterprise.

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State of device management

State of device management report

We surveyed 200+ security practitioners in charge of device management.
Here’s what we learned about their struggles, frustrations, and desires.

Read the report

Fleet is open source and community supported.

Software engineers. Security specialists. IT administrators. Lots of professionals are working together to make Fleet even better. From contributing patches to dreaming up features.

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It’s great to see the new release of Fleet containing some really cool new features that make @osquery much more usable in practical environments. I’m really impressed with the work that @thezachw and crew are doing at @fleetctl.

Mike Arpaia

Creator of @osquery

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#osquery is one of the best tools out there and #fleetdm makes it even better. Highly recommend it if you want to monitor, detect and investigate threats on a scale and also for infra/sys admin.

I have used it on 15k servers and it’s really scalable.

Ahmed Elshaer

DFIR, Blue Teaming, SecOps @wayfair

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With the power of osquery, you need a scalable & resilient platform to manage your workloads. Fleet is the "just right" open-source, enterprise grade solution.

Abubakar Yousafzai

Security Software Development & Engineering @Comcast

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Exciting. This is a team that listens to feedback.

Erik Gomez

Staff Software Engineer @Uber

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Mad props to how easy making a deploy pkg of Orbit was. I wish everyone made stuff that easy.

Wesley Whetstone

CPE @Square

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#Fleet’s come a long way - to now being the top open-source #osquery manager. Just in the past 6 months.

Brendan Shaklovitz

Senior SRE @Atlassian

From small businesses to large enterprises.

Teams use osquery with Fleet every day to stay secure and compliant.