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Device management built for IT, security approved

Open-source MDM

The future of IT and security is smart people using open-source tools. Whether you do pull requests or click around, Fleet is 100% open-source.

Made for customization

Integrations with leading configuration management platforms, including Chef, Munki, and Puppet, allow for efficiency in your management workflows. Our API and CLI provide the flexibility to program Fleet as you see fit.

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Real-time visibility

Don't worry about your workstation configuration being out of date. Fleet makes it easy to see which settings have been applied to your devices. Real-time results allow you to see the status of your entire fleet at any given moment.

All platforms welcome

Give your teams access to any machine regardless of OS or manufacturer. Fleet supports Mac, Linux, Chromebooks, and Windows devices. So, you can make the most of your resources (and make everybody’s lives easier).

All platforms welcome

Don’t know osquery?

Dedicated support from osquery experts

Osquery is the open-source agent that powers Fleet. And we have the most osquery experts around. We’ll help you realize the potential of this tool for your organization.

Open-source device management

Lighter than air

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