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As an open-core company, Fleet endeavors to build a community of engaged users, customers, and contributors. The purpose of the growth team is to own and improve the growth funnel to drive awareness, adoption, and referrals of Fleet while honoring the ideals and voice of the open source community and our company values.


Effective market positioning is crucial to the growth of any software product. Fleet needs to maintain a unique, valuable position in the minds of our users. We keep assertions on our positioning in this Google Doc (private). We will update it quarterly based on the feedback of users, customers, team members, and other stakeholders. Feedback can be provided as a comment in the document or by posting in the #g-growth Slack channel.

Marketing Qualified Opportunities (MQOs)

Growth's goal is to increase product usage. We value users of all sizes adopting Fleet Free or Fleet Premium. Companies purchasing under 100 device licenses should sign up for self-service. Companies that enroll more than 100 devices should talk to an expert. When these companies attend this meeting, Fleet considers them Marketing Qualified Opportunities (MQOs).

Lead enrichment

Fleet's lead enrichment process can be found in this Google Doc (private).

Posting on social media as Fleet

Posting to social media should follow a personable tone and strive to deliver useful information across our social accounts.


  • Fleet the product
  • Internal progress
  • Highlighting community contributions
  • Highlighting Fleet and osquery accomplishments
  • Industry news about osquery
  • Industry news about device management
  • Upcoming events, interviews, and podcasts


In keeping with our tone, use hashtags in line and only when it feels natural. If it feels forced, don’t include any.

Self-promotional tweets are not ideal(Same goes for, to varying degrees, Reddit, HN, Quora, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, Slack, and almost anywhere else). Also, see The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.

Great brands are magnanimous.


Once a post is drafted, deliver it to our three main platforms.

Log in to Sprout Social and use the compose tool to deliver the post to each platform. (credentials in 1Password).

Promoting blog posts on social media

Once a blog post has been written, approved, and published, make sure that it is promoted on social media. Please refer to our Publishing as Fleet guide for more detailed information.

Press releases

If we are doing a press release, we are probably pitching it to one or more reporters as an exclusive story if they choose to take it. Consider not sharing or publicizing any information related to the upcoming press release before the announcement. Also, see What is a press exclusive, and how does it work on Quora.

Press release boilerplate

Fleet gives teams fast, reliable access to data about the production servers, employee laptops, and other devices they manage - no matter the operating system. Users can search for any device data using SQL queries, making it faster to respond to incidents and automate IT. Fleet is also used to monitor vulnerabilities, battery health, and software. It can even monitor endpoint detection and response and mobile device management tools like Crowdstrike, Munki, Jamf, and Carbon Black, to help confirm that those platforms are working how administrators think they are. Fleet is open source software. It's easy to deploy and get started quickly, and it even comes with an enterprise-friendly free tier available under the MIT license.

IT and security teams love Fleet because of its flexibility and conventions. Instead of secretly collecting as much data as possible, Fleet defaults to privacy and transparency, capturing only the data your organization needs to meet its compliance, security, and management goals, with clearly-defined, flexible limits.

That means better privacy, better device performance, and better data but with less noise.

Sponsoring events

When reaching out for sponsorships, Fleet's goal is to expose potential hires, contributors, and users to Fleet and osquery. Track prospective sponsorships in our partnerships and outreach Google Sheet:

Once a relevant sponsorship opportunity and its prospectus are reviewed:

  1. Create a new GitHub issue.

  2. Detail the important information of the event, such as date, name of the event, location, and page links to the relevant prospectus.

  3. Add the issue to the “Conferences/speaking” column of the Growth plan project.

  4. Schedule a meeting with the representatives at the event to discuss pricing and sponsorship tiers.

  5. Invoices should be received at and sent to Eric Shaw for approval.

  6. Eric Shaw (Business Operations) will route the signatures required over to Mike McNeil (CEO) with DocuSign.

  7. Once you complete the above steps, use the Speaking events issue template to prepare speakers and participants for the event.


The following table lists the Growth group's rituals, frequency, and Directly Responsible Individual (DRI).

Ritual Frequency Description DRI
Daily tweet Daily Post Fleet content on Twitter. Drew Baker
Daily LinkedIn post Daily Post Fleet content to LinkedIn. Drew Baker
Check Twitter messages Daily Check and reply to messages on the Fleet Twitter account. Disregard requests unrelated to Fleet. Drew Baker
Social engagement Weekly Participate in 50 social media engagements per week. Drew Baker
Osquery jobs Weekly Post to @osqueryjobs twice a week. Drew Baker
Enrich Salesforce leads Weekly Follow the Salesforce lead enrichment process every Friday. Drew Baker
Outside contributions Weekly Check pull requests for outside contributions every Monday. Drew Baker
Weekly article Weekly Publish an article and promote it on social media. Drew Baker
Missed demo follow up Weekly Email all leads who missed a scheduled demo Andrew Bare
Weekly ins and outs Weekly Track Growth team ins and outs. Tim Kern
Podcast outreach Weekly Conduct podcast outreach twice a week. Drew Baker
Weekly update Weekly Update the Growth KPIs in the "🌈 Weekly updates" spreadsheet. Drew Baker
Update the "Release" field on the #g-growth board Every 3 weeks
  • Go to the Growth board
  • add a 3-week iteration with the correct release number
Tim Kern
Monthly conference checks Monthly Check for conference openings and sponsorship opportunities on the 1st of every month. Drew Baker
Freshen up pinned posts Quarterly Swap out or remove pinned posts on the brand Twitter account and LinkedIn company page. Drew Baker

Slack channels

These groups maintain the following Slack channels:

Slack channel DRI
#g-growth Tim Kern
#help-public-relations Tim Kern
#help-promote Tim Kern
#help-swag Drew Baker