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This handbook page details processes specific to working with and within this department.


Role Contributor(s)
Digital Marketing Manager Drew Baker (@drewbakerfdm)

Contact us

  • To make a request of the Demand department, create an issue and a team member will get back to you within one business day (If urgent, at-mention a team member in the #g-demand Slack channel).
    • Please use issue comments and GitHub mentions to communicate follow-ups or answer questions related to your request.
    • Any Fleet team member can view the kanban board for this department, including pending tasks and the status of new requests.
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To make a request related to product marketing, press, brandfronts, pitchfronts, featurefronts, ideal customer profiles (ICPs), personas, or targeting create an issue (If urgent, at-mention the Head of Product Marketing in the #help-leadership Slack channel).


The Demand department is directly responsible for achieving revenue pipeline targets, increasing awareness and interest in the open-source project, and nurturing the Fleet community through participation in video, sponsored events, and other programs.

Respond to a "Contact us" submission

  1. Check the _from-prospective-customers Slack channel for "Contact us" submissions.
  2. Mark submission as seen with the "👀" emoji.
  3. Within 4 business hours, use the best practices template (private Google doc) to respond to general asks.
  4. Answer any technical questions to the best of your ability. If you are unable to answer a technical/product question, ask a Solutions Consultant in #help-solutions-consulting. If an SC is unavailable, post in #g-mdmor #g-endpoint-opsand notify @on-call.
  5. log in to Salesforce and search the lead list by first name and match the corresponding email to find the right lead.
  6. Enrich each lead with company information and buying situation.
  7. If a lead is completed or out of ICP, update the lead status in Salesforce to "Closed" or "Disqualified". If within ICP at-mention the Head of Digital Experience in the #g-digital-experience Slack channel and move lead to their name in SFDC.
  8. Mark the Slack message as complete with the "✅" emoji.
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For any support-related questions, forward the submission to Fleet's support team.

Begin or modify an advertising campaign

Any new ads or changes to current running ads are approved in "🦢🗣 Design review (#g-digital-experience)".

To propose an ad, or a change to an ad:

  1. Evaluate the buying situation before proposing any changes to ads. This determines the audience that will see each ad and which campaign it will be placed in. (Device management, vuln management, endpoint ops - security, endpoint ops - IT)
  2. Experiment campaigns must follow the YYYY-MM-DD.{buying_situation}-{ad_name} format. (2024-01-12.mdm - Cross-platform MDM waitlist)
  3. Image ads should follow the recommended size, centering, and asset guidelines. These are available on Figma.
  4. Add your proposed ads to the "🧫 Experiment review" agenda (private Google doc) and attend the next episode. During the meeting, existing ads will be compared against the newly proposed ads within the corresponding ad platform. (Google Ads, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, etc.)
  5. Make revisions and re-attend the meeting as needed until the planned change is executed.
  6. Create a calendar reminder to check ad performance two weeks from the date changes were made.

Promote a post on LinkedIn

  1. Create a classic campaign under "Experiments" following the YYYY-MM-DD.buying-situation - ad description with a goal of website visits or engagement to run for two weeks.
  2. Choose the appropriate audience according to the buying situation and disable audience expansion and the LinkedIn audience network.
  3. When creating the ad for the new campaign, select "browse existing content" and find the post under the employee tab.
  4. Launch campaign once approved.

Settle event strategy

The Head of Demand is the DRI for deploying Fleet's event budget, and events are settled significantly in advance to provide ample time for strategy and planning. Fleet's Client Platform Engineer & Community Advocate is the DRI for executing Fleet events efficiently, on-brand, and on-strategy.

  1. Using the event strategy workbook, propose the events that Fleet will attend in the next 6 months, and the strategy for those events, including:
  • target buying situation of the audience
  • who from Fleet will attend
  • the training plan for Fleet attendees
  • which talk proposal Fleet will submit
  • all event materials, including printouts, banners, swag given out, and even the clothing worn by fleeties
  • estimated budget, including sponsorship or airfare, and lodging for attendees
  1. Set up and attend a 30m meeting with the Fleet's Client Platform Engineer & Community Advocate and CEO:
  • First during this meeting, the Head of Demand proposes an event issue for each of the current quarter's events to get input and any new information or changes from Fleet's Client Platform Engineer & Community Advocate and CEO. (Events for the current quarter were already decided in a previous event strategy session, so Fleet does not make changes except in extreme circumstances.)
  • Next, decide which events in the following quarter the company will invest time or money into. This includes any event that Fleet pays to send someone to or to sponsor, and even events where Fleet's only involvement is that a fleetie will be giving a talk or otherwise representing the brand.
  • Finally, qualify or disqualify any newly-entered event ideas by either verifying and setting the buying situation, or removing the event idea from the spreadsheet.

Optimize ads through experimentation

Fleet improves click-through rates in their campaigns to make the most of their advertising budget and attract more engaged users, boosting product adoption and community participation.

Here's how:

  1. Remove all but the top 5 performing ads in each LinkedIn campaign in the "Evergreen awareness" campaign group.
  2. Replace the ad in each Linkedin campaign in the "ABM maneuvers" campaign group so that it matches the top performer.

Process pending swag requests from the website

On a weekly basis, log in to Printful and complete any draft orders so that they are sent. We currently only ship within the 48 contiguous United States and approve one free order per household under normal circumstances. To do this:

  1. Go to the "Orders" page in Printful
  2. Look for an order status of "Draft" and click that order.
  3. Copy the address displayed in the draft order. Close the modal.
  4. Under "Order list", there's a search box for customers that you will need to paste the address.
  5. The results should only display one order. Any additional could be duplicate orders or those made in error.
  6. Repeat this process until all remaining draft orders show "Waiting for Fulfillment"

Fulfill a swag request

There are many times in which community members, customers, and contributors are in need of some cool Fleet swag. Swag requests are received in the form of issues and will be fulfilled based on availability. To process a swag request:

  1. Check and communicate availability to the requestor.
  2. Use the appropriate shipping method that best serves the company.
  3. Attach tracking number to the issue and tag the requestor.
  4. Confirm delivery and close issue.

Send swag for community contributions to Fleet

  • Reach out to the contributor to thank them for their contribution
  • Consider sharing the contribution on social media
  • Ask if we could send the contributor any swag
  • If yes, follow the steps to fufuill a swag request.

Run a new ad or change an existing ad

Any changes to the current running ads visible to a user, including designs, keywords, or targeting, are approved in 🦢🗣 Design review (#g-digital-experience), which occurs regularly and is open to all fleeties.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager adds a discussion item about the change to the website design review agenda
  2. During the call, they compare existing ads against the planned updates within the corresponding ad platform. (Google Ads, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, etc.)
  3. Digital Marketing Manager makes changes and creates a calendar reminder to check performance either two weeks or four weeks from the date changes were made.
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Do changes to keywords or targeting require a design review? Currently, all changes to these things require discussion with our product marketer.

Engage with the community

Public conversations on social media create valuable opportunities for contributors to answer technical questions and collect feedback.

Here are some links that filter relevant conversations on each platform:

  1. Find conversations that are relevant to Fleet on both LinkedIn and Twitter
  2. Reply to threads looking for solutions Fleet can solve with helpful information. If additional information is needed, find help in #help-engineering for accurate information.
  3. Leave a like on threads and posts that are interesting, cool, celebratory, funny, etc. within our communities.
  4. If a post is helpful to our audience, reshare it.

Respond to a "Talk to an expert" request

When a community member has a question about getting started with Fleet, they can book a 15-minute call with the Community Advocate.

  1. Add questionnaire details to the Talk to an Expert spreadsheet.
  2. After meeting the contributor, follow up with an email including appropriate links.

Upload to YouTube

Fleet regularly uploads a variety of content to YouTube such as podcast episodes, sprint demos, educational updates, design reviews, and more.

  • Login to the Fleet YouTube channel, click the create button and then upload the video.
  • Fill out relevant information such as title, description, thumbnail, playlists, audience, and tags.
  • Create a new video thumbnail within Figma in the YouTube covers board with the video Title.
  • Set the visibility to "Public"
  • Share video link on social media

Create a podcast episode

Fleet invites guests to discuss the future of IT and security on the ExpedITioners podcast to be shared with the community,

  • Find the new episode in the Fleet drive.
  • Combine audio from the guest and speaker together in Garageband with the jingle and introduction.
  • Listen to the episode and note talking points, title, and links mentioned in the show notes doc.
  • Upload the audio file to the episode folder
  • Create episode cover and sharable image in Figma
  • Log in to Podbean to manage the podcast and click new episode.
  • Use the show notes to complete the Podbean description and create a new article on Fleet's website.
  • Publish on social media



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