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Fleet documentation

Welcome to the documentation for Fleet, the lightweight management platform for laptops and servers.


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Supported browsers

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Supported browsers

Fleet supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms. Specific minimum supported browser information is provided below.

We test each browser on Windows whenever possible, because our engineering team primarily uses macOS.

Note: This information also applies to


  • Chrome 29
  • Firefox 52
  • Edge 16
  • Safari 13.x (macOS only)


  • Mobile Safari on iOS 10
  • Mobile Chrome on Android 6


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  • Mobile web is not yet supported in the Fleet product.
  • The Fleet user interface may not be fully supported in Google Chrome when the browser is running on ChromeOS

Did we miss anything?

If you notice something we've missed or could be improved on, please follow this link and submit a pull request to the Fleet repo.

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