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Vulnerability management

Know what’s going on with your computers

Measure and automate risk across your laptops and servers.

Reporting and automation

Automatically match CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) to what exists in your environment.

View live reports to see how efficiently you are addressing vulnerabilities.

Create vulnerability management automations via Jira, Zendesk or webhooks.

Osquery management feature image
Osquery management feature image

Software and asset inventory

Visibility into all laptops across any operating system. Support for servers and containers in any cloud infrastructure.

Identify outdated, vulnerable, or compromised software apps and packages.

Verify agents, including Chef, Munki, Puppet, or Crowdstrike Falcon, are installed and working correctly.

Automate health checks

Enhance Security, DevOps, IT, and HR workflows by taking findings from policies and automating actions to allow end-user remediation.

CI/CD integration for cloud and on-prem devices.

Fleet REST API provides full CLI functionality.

Osquery management feature image

Don’t know osquery?

Dedicated support from osquery experts

Osquery is the open-source agent that powers Fleet. And we have the most osquery experts around. We’ll help you realize the potential of this tool for your organization.

Open-source device management

Lighter than air

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