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Fleet 4.35.0 | Improvements and bug fixes.


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JD Strong

Fleet 4.35.0 | Improvements and bug fixes.

Fleet 4.35.0

Fleet 4.35.0 is live. Check out the full changelog or continue reading to get the highlights. For upgrade instructions, see our upgrade guide in the Fleet docs.

Fleet took the opportunity for this release to focus on improvements and bug fixes.

New features, improvements, and bug fixes

  • Combined the query and schedule features to provide a single interface for creating, scheduling, and tweaking queries at the global and team level.

  • Merged all functionality of the schedule page into the queries page.

  • Updated the save query modal to include scheduling-related fields.

  • Updated queries table schema to allow storing scheduling information and configuration in the queries table.

  • Users now able to manage scheduled queries using automations modal.

  • The osquery/config endpoint now includes scheduled queries for the host's team stored in the queries table.

  • Query editor now includes frequency and other advanced options.

  • Updated macOS MDM setup UI in Fleet UI.

  • Changed how team assignment works for the Puppet module, for more details see the README.

  • Allow the Puppet module to read different Fleet URL/token combinations for different environments.

  • Updated server logging for webhook requests to mask URL query values if the query param name includes "secret", "token", "key", and "password".

  • Added support for Azure JWT tokens.

  • Set DeferForceAtUserLoginMaxBypassAttempts to 1 in the default FileVault profile installed by Fleet.

  • Added dark and light mode logo uploads and show the appropriate logo to the macOS MDM migration flow.

  • Added MSI installer deployment support through MS-MDM.

  • Added support for Windows MDM STS Auth Endpoint.

  • Added support for installing Fleetd after enrolling through Azure account.

  • Added support for MDM TOS endpoint.

  • Updated the "Platforms" column to the more explicit "Compatible with".

  • Improved delivery of Apple MDM profiles by not re-sending InstallProfile commands if a host switches teams but the profile contents are the same.

  • Improved error handling and messaging of SSO login during AEP(DEP) enrollments.

  • Improved the reporting of the Puppet module to only report as changed profiles that actually changed during a run.

  • Updated ingestion of host detail queries for MDM so hosts that report empty results are counted as "Off".

  • Upgraded Go version to v1.19.11.

  • If a policy was defined with an invalid query, the desktop endpoint now counts that policy as a failed policy.

  • Fixed an issue where Orbit repeatedly tries to launch Nudge in the event of a launch error.

  • Fixed Observer + should be able to run any query by clicking create new query.

  • Fixed the styling of the initial setup flow.

  • Fixed URL used to check Gravatar network availability.

Ready to upgrade?

Visit our Upgrade guide in the Fleet docs for instructions on updating to Fleet 4.35.0.