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Future of device management episode 6


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Zach Wasserman

Future of device management

EP 6: Whitney Champion: Scaling infrastructure automation with open source tools

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Whitney Champion is a co-founder and the lead architect at Recon InfoSec. She has extensive experience in large-scale infrastructure automation and orchestration in both the private and public sector. She builds and maintains the security stack that powers Recon’s MDR services and their network defense range, which supports their NDR training and In this episode, Whitney discusses how she got her start in cybersecurity and how open source tools can help lay the foundation for better security infrastructure.

Topics discussed:

  • Whitney’s background and how she got involved with cybersecurity
  • Understanding the importance of learning new security tooling
  • Whitney’s involvement with OpenSOC and Blue Team CTF at DefCon
  • Recommendations for transferring skills from practice to practical methodologies
  • Where her excitement for open source stems from
  • What some of the biggest challenges Recon InfoSec face and how they overcome them
  • The future of cybersecurity

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