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Future of device management episode 3


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Zach Wasserman


Future of device management

Ep 3: Chris Long: From osquery skeptic to believer

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Chris Long is a Staff Security Engineer at Material Security, and you might know him from some of his open-source work at Detection Lab. In the episode today, we talk about his work with Facebook and Uber using osquery, and his thoughts on the present and future state of cybersecurity.

Topics discussed:

  • Chris’s story and how he got into cybersecurity
  • The day-to-day of a Staff Security Engineer
  • How Chris used osquery while he worked at Facebook
  • The benefits and power of osquery
  • How Chris went from an osquery skeptic to seeing the strengths
  • Why Chris started Detection Lab and how it helps security professionals
  • Top tips for device management and security strategy for organizations
  • Biggest challenges organizations face related to security today
  • Changes we can expect to see in cybersecurity over the coming years

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