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Developer-friendly telemetry

One agent, any platform, up-to-the-minute data

Fleet lets you harness the power of osquery to stream accurate, real-time data from all your endpoints. No matter how many you have.

The Fleet instance and fleetctl command line tool The Fleet instance and fleetctl command line tool

Maintain secure workstations and servers

A laptop
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure

Identify vulnerabilities on devices.

Recognize out-of-policy user behavior.

Pinpoint potential data leaks.

Verify changes made with other systems.

Respond to incidents before they become emergencies

Interpret incidents accurately and make decisions using real device data.

Investigate computers in real-time, asking arbitrary questions.

Notify your team when a CVE is detected, or if a user changes relevant settings.

Perform custom remediation actions using osquery extensions.

Easily detect and monitor vulnerable software

Trust but verify

Verify whether vulnerable software was actually patched / verify changes made with other systems

Simple MDM
See up-to-date information about devices

Keep an accurate inventory of all your devices

Enroll macOS, Windows, and Linux laptops.

Enroll servers and containers in any (or multiple) cloud providers or data centers.

Quickly look up the installed software and OS details for any device.

Identify outdated, vulnerable, or compromised software, apps, and packages.

Identify devices with misconfigurations and MDM enrollment issues.

Verify other agents, like Munki or Falcon, are installed and working properly.

Meet compliance goals

Verify compliance with accurate, up-to-the-minute data from actual devices.

Comply with internal processes, controls, and regulations.

Identify out-of-policy devices.

Modify policies instantly when standards harden or expand.

Measure progress towards compliance goals across teams and individuals.

Audit historical compliance of devices, computers, and teams.

Set policies for for specific teams

Automate security workflows in a single application

Collect and send accurate security events to any external SIEM or data platform.

Enroll computers, update policies, and scan vulnerabilities in a CI/CD workflow.

Ask your devices anything, using the Fleet GUI, command line, or REST API.

Panther Labs
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Fleet user story

Jason Walton gives insight into how his team uses Fleet and osquery at Schrödinger.

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Find out how Fleet can benefit your organization by exploring our docs and community. Want to get up and running quicker? Then try out Fleet locally on your device - you’ll be up and running in minutes.

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