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Welcome to the documentation for Fleet, the lightweight management platform for laptops and servers.


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Standard query library

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Standard query library

Fleet's standard query library includes a growing collection of useful policies and miscellaneous queries for organizations deploying Fleet and osquery.

Importing the queries in Fleet

After cloning the fleetdm/fleet repo, import the queries and policies found in docs/01-Using-Fleet/standard-query-library/standard-query-library.yml using fleetctl:

fleetctl apply -f docs/01-Using-Fleet/standard-query-library/standard-query-library.yml


Do you want to add your own query?

  1. Please copy the following YAML section and paste it at the bottom of the standard-query-library.yml file.
apiVersion: v1
kind: query
  name: What is your query called? Please use a human-readable query name.
  platforms: What operating systems support your query? This can usually be determined by the osquery tables included in your query. Heading to the webpage to see which operating systems are supported by the tables you include.
  description: Describe your query. What information does your query reveal? (optional)
  query: Insert query here
  purpose: What is the goal of running your query? Ex. Detection
  remediation: Are there any remediation steps to resolve the detection triggered by your query? If not, insert "N/A."
  contributors: zwass,mike-j-thomas
  tags: Keywords that can help users find other relevant queries; a comma should separate each tag. (e.g., "foo, bar")
  1. Replace each field and submit a pull request to the fleetdm/fleet GitHub repository.

  2. If you want to contribute multiple queries, please open one pull request that includes all your queries.

For instructions on submitting pull requests to Fleet, check out the Committing Changes section in the Contributors documentation.

Additional resources

Listed below are great resources that contain additional queries.

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