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Welcome to the documentation for Fleet, the lightweight management platform for laptops and servers.


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Segment hosts

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Segment hosts

Applies only to Fleet Premium

ℹ️  In Fleet 4.0, Teams were introduced.


In Fleet, you can group hosts together in a team.

Then, you can give users access to only some teams.

This means you manage permissions so that some users can only run queries and manage hosts on the teams these users have access to.

You can manage teams in the Fleet UI by selecting Settings > Teams in the top navigation. From there, you can add or remove teams, manage user access to teams, transfer hosts, or modify team settings.

Best practice

The best practice is to create these teams: Workstations, Workstations (canary), Servers, and Servers (canary).

Adding hosts to a team

Hosts can only belong to one team in Fleet.

You can add hosts to a new team in Fleet by either enrolling the host with a team's enroll secret or by transferring the host via the Fleet UI after the host has been enrolled to Fleet.

To automatically add hosts to a team in Fleet, check out the Adding hosts documentation.

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If a host was previously enrolled using a global enroll secret, changing the host's osquery enroll secret will not cause the host to be transferred to the desired team. You must delete the osquery/osquery.db file on the host, which forces the host to re-enroll using the new team enroll secret. Alternatively, you can transfer the host via the Fleet UI, the fleetctl CLI using fleetctl hosts transfer, or the transfer host API endpoint.

Did we miss anything?

If you notice something we've missed or could be improved on, please follow this link and submit a pull request to the Fleet repo.

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