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Instant deployment with Fleet Managed Cloud. Join the beta

Get started

Try out a preview of Fleet and osquery on your laptop before deploying at scale by following the guide below.

You can also deploy to a server.

1. Install Node (optional) and Docker

The quickest way to install Fleet is with Node.js and Docker.

A small circle with an 'I' inside of itWe use NPM to install fleetctl. It can also be installed via the release page or built from source.

2. Run Fleet

Install the fleetctl command line tool and start the Fleet preview experience:

# Install the Fleet command-line tool

sudo npm install -g fleetctl

# Run a local demo of the Fleet server

sudo fleetctl preview

A small circle with an 'I' inside of itsudo can be omitted on many Node/Docker installations.

A small circle with an 'I' inside of itM1 macOS users must have Rosetta installed in order to run Fleet preview.

A small circle with an 'I' inside of itWindows users should omit sudo and run the commands in Cmd/PowerShell as administrators.

3. Log in to Fleet

The Fleet UI is now available at http://localhost:1337. Use the credentials below to login.

Email: [email protected]

Password: preview1337#

Next steps