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How to submit and publish an article

This guide includes everything you need to know about Fleet’s editorial process between submission and publication.

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For help with formatting your article, check out our article formatting guide.

Article DRIs

Activity DRI
Assign & schedule Chris McGillicuddy
Review Chris McGillicuddy
Artwork Mike Thomas
Publication Tim Kern

Who can publish articles?

Everyone is welcome to suggest article ideas or submit drafts. Reach out to Chris McGillicuddy in #help-content-calendar on Slack, and include a summary of your idea in the thread.


Use the #help-content-calendar channel in Slack for questions and updates related to articles.


Publishing occurs according to our content calendar. However, publication dates are subject to change based on the news or information that needs to be posted. For time-sensitive articles, consult with Chris McGillicuddy in #help-content-calendar on Slack.

How to submit an article

  1. Submit your draft to Chris McGillicuddy as a Google Doc.
  2. Include any relevant images, image suggestions, or other design requests you may have.

Review process

Articles are official Fleet communication. We carefully review published content to make sure Fleet, the company and the product, are accurately represented.

  • Digital Experience will review your article for spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as well as for tone and brand consistency.
  • In some cases, a technical review by a member of Engineering or Security may be necessary.
  • After review, you may be asked to make revisions to your draft.

Typical editing timelines are as follows:

Type Review time
Urgent posts One business day
Non-urgent posts Three business days
Posts requiring a technical review Three business days
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Review times for posts requiring a technical review may vary depending on the Engineering and Security teams' schedules. E.g., if a review coincides with a product release.

Create a PR for your article

After your article has been editied and approved, create a pull request on and request review from Chris McGillicuddy.

How to PR your article

  1. Familiarize yourself with our article formatting guide.
  2. Add a file, formatted in Markdown, to the Fleet repo in Github fleetdm/fleet/articles, using the name of your article as the filename. E.g.,
  3. Request a review from Chris McGillicuddy.
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IMPORTANT: Your PR is not confidential. If the information in your article is confidential, please prepare your article in a Google Doc, or create a draft PR ~1 hour before publication time to keep your article private.

Pre-publication checklist

  • Does the article meet the original brief and keyword goals?
  • Has the article been reviewed by Digital Experience for grammar edits and brand consistency?
  • Does the article require a technical review?
  • Do all links work correctly and open in a new window?
  • Does the article contain the correct meta tags
  • Has artwork been created by Digital Experience?
  • Does the article have a clear call to action (CTA)?

After publication

After your article is published, the Growth team will schedule your post to be promoted across our social media channels.

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Consider promoting your article on your personal channels to help achieve a bigger impact. Depending on the article, the Growth team may make a request in #help-promote on Slack.