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Visibility and compliance in a single platform

Simplify security compliance

Automate security workflows in a single application by creating or installing policies to identify which devices comply with your security guidelines.

Out-of-the-box CIS benchmark policies

All organizations deal with compliance requirements. With Center for Internet Security (CIS) compliance policies in Fleet, cybersecurity best practices are at your fingertips.

Out of the box policies for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Fleet will keep these policies updated for you.

Identify which devices are failing the most so you can prioritize your work.

Compliance feature image
Compliance feature image

Verify SOC2, NIST compliance

Use the growing list of community-sourced query packs to verify your machines are in-line with new and emerging compliance standards.

Powerful visibility of your entire fleet gives you confidence that your SOC2 and NIST policies are being followed.

Measure how quickly failures are resolved and make sure that they fall within your service level agreement (SLA).

Identify which devices and policies are failing in real time.

Automations in response to failing policies

Fleet Premium comes out-of-the-box ready for audits. Integrate with the security tools and services in your stack. Get answers immediately, even when you’re not looking.

Configurable scan intervals for policies.

Trigger webhooks and integrate with Jira, Zendesk, or Tines.

Encourage end-user self-remediation with Fleet Desktop.

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Don’t know osquery?

Dedicated support from osquery experts

Osquery is the open-source agent that powers Fleet. And we have the most osquery experts around. We’ll help you realize the potential of this tool for your organization.

Open-source device management

Lighter than air

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